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    It was a weekly tradition, gathering around the fire pit, while the kids huddled over their latest Minecraft and YouTube discoveries.

    A mix of friends and family, but really, it’s all family; we talk about life and the latest gadgets we’ve found that make daily living even sweeter. This time was a bit different, we all came together over the same discovery – YETI’s Rambler Tumbler. We each could not stop raving about this product’s ability to keep our drinks straight-outta-the-cooler cold, while producing no condensation.
    The YETI was revolutionizing, but there was one simple, yet critical feature it was missing – a handle. Our favorite frosty mugs couldn’t quite be replaced without the all-important handle.
    So, we set out on a mission to find a solution, or in the case that one didn’t exist, build the solution ourselves. Introducing The HANDL’R, the world’s first slide-on handle for cold drink tumblers.
    It has transformed our favorite beverages, but this mission of ours didn’t stop with a handle. We came to understand we were in search of more than a product, but the realization of a dream, a lifestyle that perfectly reflected our outlook on life.
    That lifestyle is to squeeze the most out of everyday, living in the moment and having tools that keep our focus in that moment, not distracted by “one little nuisance.” This is #HandlrLiving, and represents the kind of experiences and innovation you will continue seeing from our merry band. #HandlrOn