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    The HANDL'R for 30oz fits the YETI Rambler 30oz Tumbler, RTIC 30oz Tumbler, KUER CorpCups 30oz Tumbler, BOSS 30oz Tumbler, SIC 30oz Glacier Tumbler, Fire and Ice KING Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler 30oz, Frio 30oz Cups and Big Frig 30oz.
    ENGEL 30oz Tumbler, Orca Chaser 27oz Tumbler, K2 Element Tumbler or Taiga Tumbler*



    *YETI, Rambler are Registered Trademarks of YETI® RTIC is a Registered Trademark of RTIC Coolers®  KUER, CorpCups are Registered Trademarks of KUER Outdoors LLC®  BOSS is a Registered Trademark of ThermoSteel® SIC, Glacier are Registered Trademark of SIC Cups®  Frio Cups are Registered Trademarks of Frio Cups® Fire and Ice, KING are Registered Trademarks of Fire and Ice Products® Engel is a registered trademark of Engel Coolers® Orca, Chaser are Registered Trademarks of Orca Coolers® K2, Element are Registered Trademarks of K2 Coolers® Taiga is a Registered Trademark of Taiga Coolers®.
    The HANDL'R and The 536Group are not affiliated with YETI, RTIC, KUER, SIC Cups, Frio Cups, ThermoSteel, Fire an Ice, Engel, Orca, K2, Taiga, and Big Frig.